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Owner and head designer for all these years, Claudia Kelley has enjoyed the privilege of helping many individuals bring there dreams to reality. She has enjoyed working with people in this often once in a lifetime experience, "which needs to be pleasant and rewarding from the beginning," she says.
Over the past years, she has designed apartments, office complexes, fitness centers, a fire house, subdivisions, restaurants, a church, a school, a manufacturing facility and hundreds of homes from budget to high end.
Claudia Kelley has also designed and built four homes of her own, acting as general contractor. She has also enjoyed being involved in various sorts of real estate. Her goal is to use her 36 years of experience and knowledge of construction and design, to help her clients achieve their unique custom home, resort, lodge or Bed and Breakfast design. She spends a lot of quality time in the preliminary stages with you. She will sit down with you and go through all your favorite floor plans, and the stack of pictures you've been saving for years. We can take the best of it all (depending on your building site), put it together and it will uniquely be the home you desire and need.
By the time we've completed the preliminary stage, you can usually envision yourself living in your new home. This is essential in making sure that your floor plan is functional and customized to your own unique lifestyle patterns and preferences. Proper quality planning and preparation can eliminated the need for most changes during construction, which can be very costly & frustrating.

"We specialize in making it right for you the first time. You will want your home to fulfill your lifestyle needs now and in the years to come. If you consider this to be your family estate, or if this is to be a commercial project, we can help make this a smooth, pleasant, productive process for you."


Claudia Kelley
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