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Personalized custom home plans
Our package Includes:
1. Working with in your time frame. Completion time 6 to 8 weeks.
2. OUR TEAM TRAVELING TO YOU. In that time we will complete:
A. building site analysis, pictures of site, preliminary site plan
B. preliminary floor plan, roof plan, two elevations & grounds layout @ 1/8" scale
C. preliminaries completed in your area, before we leave for headquarters to complete plans (approximate preliminary completion time, 2-3 weeks)
D. in the preliminary stage, we will cover all facets of home design, structure & finish work pertaining to your project
3. All Design work needed.
4. COMPLETE SET OF WORKING DRAWINGS (see below) with blueprints and vellums.
5. Correspondence with your local city or county building & planning departments from beginning of project.
6. Working drawings (contractor and client friendly) GUARANTEED to pass your city or county department's codes and requirements.
7. Quality time spent with you designing your new home EXCLUSIVELY provided by owner, Claudia Kelley.
*** All engineering costs are additional.

Complete set of Working Drawings include:

Preliminary stage:
1. Site review, preliminary plot plan
2. Final plot plan, to be submitted to planning dept.
3. All design work needed, provided by owner, Claudia Kelley
4. Preliminary floor plan @ 1/8” scale, revised until it’s exactly what you want!
5. Preliminary roof layout @ 1/8” scale
6. Preliminary elevations (two sides) @ 1/8” scale

Final drawings:
7. Floor Plan, all levels @ ¼” scale w/ labeled dimensions
8. Electrical layout, all levels @ ¼” scale
9. Foundation Plan @ ¼” scale, shows plumbing fixtures, HVAC vent locations
10. 2nd, 3rd Floor Structural Layout Plan @ ¼” scale, if applicable, shows fixture locations
11. Roof Plan @ ¼” scale, shows fixture locations
12. Four Elevations @ ¼” scale – front, rear, right and left sides
13. Cross Sections @ ¼” scale
14. Foundation Details @ 1” scale
15. Other needed details, points of concern @ ¼” – 1” scale
16. Cabinet detail @ ¼” scale
17. Window Schedule
18. Door Schedule
19. Flooring Schedule, optional
20. Wall Schedule, optional
21. Ceiling Schedule, optional
22. Appliance Schedule, optional
23. Countertop Schedule, optional
24. Baseboard, wainscot, crown molding and casing Schedules, optional
25. Finish Painting Schedule, optional
26. Engineering Addendums, cost additional, as mentioned above
27. Assistance with local building and planning departments
28. 6-8 sets of blueprints, and 1 set of vellums
29. Landscaping Plans and Interior Decorating available, not included in working drawings

  Typical architectural firm of 40
On list schedule to begin 1-2 months 1-2 Months 1-2 Months
Who's working with the client exclusively? Varies Claudia Kelley, Owner
How often? Sporadic, upon request. Preliminary stage, daily.
Preliminary process time frame 3 months - scattered, inconsistent appointments mixed in with many others also waiting for their plans. 2-3 weeks - 1-2 hour appointments every day or two for 3 weeks, exclusively in your preferred location.
Number of people working on your prelim? ? Claudia Kelley, owner, with contractor and engineer assistance available at all times.
Working drawings time frame 3-6 months (for a typical 2,000 sq. ft. home) 1-2 months
Number of people working an actual drawings? 6 - 8 Claudia Kelley, owner, with contractor and engineer assistance available at all times.
Change orders in construction Frequent throughout construction - spending large amounts of money unnecessarily changing and fixing things. Rare - We stay at the preliminary level until very certain of the floor plan.
Clients during construction Frustrated, confused and constantly wanting to change things! You will have a very accurate concept and knowledge of your home before you begin construction.
Floor plan in general Sometimes boxy, with the plan chopped up and not making much sense. You will have a flowing floor plan, customized to your tastes, preferences and lifestyle.
Clients after construction Worn out, with a house not exactly what they had in mind, possibly ready to sell soon, dreading the thought of building again. Worn out, but ecstatic and truly satisfied with their home that is exactly what they wanted and will serve them well for years to come.

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